Terms And Conditions


We will do everything we can to provide accurate estimates. Unexpected circumstances may affect the price and we will provide you with an updated estimate. You have the right to accept or decline the price we offer.
Payment will be required for any work that you have authorised and we have completed.


We will aim to complete the work within the agreed timescale. We are only liable for delays caused by our own negligence. All work will be completed within a reasonable time.


The acceptable types of payment are cash and bank transfers.

Full payment is required on satisfactory completion. If a damage occurs or you are not satisfied you are entitled to withhold an amount to cover any corrective work that may be required. We should be given the opportunity to complete any corrective work in the first instance.


If you would like to make any changes we would request that you confirm this in writing. This will ensure that both parties have a record of what was agreed. Changes to the contract may also mean changes to the price and this will need to be confirmed in writing and agreed by both parties.


You may cancel a booked collection at any time up till 24 hours before the booked collection time with no charge. Cancellations within 24 hours of a booked collection will always incur a £60 + VAT charge.


We will not be liable for any damage unless caused by our negligence.

Services provided

Your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 state that services should be provided with reasonable care and skill within a reasonable time (if no specific time has been agreed) and for a reasonable cost (if no exact price has been agreed).
If a problem arises we aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Goods Provided

Any goods provided in line with the contract should be as described, of satisfactory quality, and fit for the purpose made known.

Complaints Policy

Give Me Rubbish is committed to providing the highest levels of care to all our customers. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our services please let us know. This will help us to improve our service to you.

When contacting us please detail the nature of your complaint, your contact details and indicate your preferred method of communication, e.g. telephone, email.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within seven working days.

If you require advice on your consumer rights, please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or visit their website www.adviceguide.org.uk